content="Since 1885, the family tradition Donadio Coralli e Cammei represents one of the anciest Neapolitan factory spiecialized in the old corals and camoes manifacture" />

A family tradition

Since 1885, the family tradition Donadio Coralli e Cammei represents one of the oldest Neapolitan factory specialized in the old corals and cameos manufacture and in the last two centuries has become a successful enterprise.  

In 1885, when Gaetano Donadio, in spite of limited means, took his first steps in the ancient Neapolitan tradition with the production and trade of cameos and corals, and today his job is well known and world wide appreciated by the lovers of this artistic and handmade creations.

Ready for any opportunity, Gaetano opened his first shop in Austria, followed by others in Taormina (Sicily) and S. Lucia in Naples. Finally, he saw his dream become reality with the inauguration of the magnificent “Coral Palace” in Herculaneum (Ercolano) along the motorway from Naples to Pompei.

He soon got married and had seven children, all of them followed his footsteps. After surviving the tragic events of two World Wars, the family appointed Matteo, the oldest son, to become business leader.

Matteo Donadio, a man of marked temperament and endowed of the same passion as his father, devoted himself to the appreciation for the beauty of the cameo and the coral, traveling around the world to purchase raw materials, precious stones and pearls.

Thanks to his determination, DONADIO’s firm has crossed the national and continental borders and its excellence and high quality standards are also confirmed by international awards achieved, especially in United States and Asia. 

Today the family passion for the exquisite art of jewelry, has been entrusted to Matteo’s daughters that, carry on the unbroken family line, following the highest standards of the contemporary manufacture of cameo and coral craftsmanship. Visitors to the DONADIO showroom, now located in front of the main entrance of world recognized Pompeii ruins, can be enchanted by the timeless appeal of this ancient art.

The 100,000 tourists of all the nationalities that every year visit the Donadio store enjoy the incredible opportunity to keep live the ancient art of cameo engraved by some of the greatest master carvers in the field.

After the laboratory, visitors may enjoy the exposition halls where they can admire and select among precious objects in coral, pearl and cameos engraved by expert cameo makers - one of a kind masterpieces hand-made by artists.